Hughes Troop

Brain Cancer Fundraiser for our friend Dustin Hughes.

We're collecting over 50 hours of specially recorded webinars from industry leaders to help us raise money for Dustin's medical bills.

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New Hughes Troop Mortgage Webinars Added Weekly

Created in 2009, The Mortgage Revolution is a national grass-roots movement of street level originators, branch managers and other lending professionals joining forces to influence a positive change in our industry. MRev organizes non-profit, spam free live and online industry events for the purpose of education, networking and to raise money for charity. Read More →
Spam-free mortgage conferences that are hosted and promoted by local lenders for the simple purpose of bringing surviving originators together in order to inspire innovation and promote leadership. Inspired by REbarcamp, Bloodhound Unchained and RETech South, Mortgage Revolution (MREV) is a unique lender "Un-Conference" that is based on the concept of active originators sharing tips and strategies that are working for them today. Read More →
Similar to our live events that showcase innovative ideas and timely marketing strategies, our MRev Webinars are given by industry leaders who are truly passionate about helping others find success. MRev is founded on the Givers Gain Principle, and each webinar host sponsors a charity that the participants are encouraged to donate a couple of dollars to in exchange for the value they received by the online presenters. Read More →
With over $50,000 raised for charity in 2010 alone, Mortgage Revolution is different than any other mortgage industry conference in the fact that 100% of the proceeds are donated to a charitable cause. In addition to being a "No-Profit" movement, the speakers, event organizers, online presenters... are not reimbursed or paid for their time, travel or sacrifice. Read More →
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